Therefore, be it resolved

11 weeks – January 2, 2013resolution_032511_p1

I am making a resolution.

It has nothing to do with losing weight (this year I am totally exempt from that category.) As of today, I am no longer allowing myself to read pregnancy blogs about other sets of twins. Or their birth stories. Or their early deliveries, stroller blowouts, or screaming fits in the car. Yesterday evening’s online reading left me snot-nosed and crying for at least an hour. Afterward, all I could do was plot how to keep these babies inside of me until the last possible second (or until my skin exploded.)

Now, I’m deciding to make this formal, so for those of you that aren’t familiar with what I do at work, well, you’re about to see how exciting the life of a Board Liaison can be.




Refusal of Twin Pregnancy Supplemental Reading Material

WHEREAS, Ms. Rachel Riebe is pregnant with multiple gestations, as and such, often finds herself in a heightened emotional and hormonal state of being; and

WHEREAS, upon reading publicly posted internet blogs on the topic of carrying and birthing multiple gestations, Ms. Riebe has been known to break down in a slimy fit of tears and excess mucus and generally exhibits traits of fearfulness, worry, and occasionally, hunger;

BE IT THEREFORE RESOLVED, Ms. Riebe is hereby banned from internet blogosphere of twin pregnancy and resolves to care solely for the best interests of her multiple gestations as directed by her obstetrician and cohort of related health care professionals.


Rachel Riebe

Winter 2013 328

This is somewhere between 10-11 weeks. Don’t worry. It gets more exciting. I just actually happened to label this picture in my files, so I thought I’d throw it on here.


4 thoughts on “Therefore, be it resolved

  1. Oh my dear Rachel, you are taking such good care of yourself and your babies! You are blessed with a loving husband that is sensitive to your needs and God is there with you and within you, equipping and strengthening you every minute of the day. Remember, “I can do everything through Christ who strengthens me.” Our love and prayers for you will never cease.


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