Twin Pregnancy Week by Week

34 weeks. Walks at lunch break getting slower.

Rachel at 34 weeks

Pregnant with twins? Congrats! Twins are an amazing, life-changing gift. They also come with about a million questions. I don’t consider my experience to be the ultimate Q and A guide, but I did try to blog week by week during the pregnancy. Hopefully the posts will be an encouragement/source of laughter for you. If you have a specific question and can’t find the answer, feel free to shoot me an email. I’d love to connect!

PS – there’s a really great site called Twin Talk that has a lot of information on everything twin. You can read my birth story here, and check out all of the other great resources they have to offer.



Week 9 – the Ultrasound (Expecting a little more than we bargained for)

Week 10 – Handling the idea of two

Week 11 – Twin Pregnancy Resolution

Week 12 – Welcome to the 2nd Trimester

Week 13 – What the heck is TTTS?

Week 14 – Pulling up my big girl pants. Literally.

Week 15 – Comparison is a beast

Week 16 – Unveiling the genders (yes, we’re finding out this time)

Week 17 – A little more to cover (twin pregnancy belly growth is no joke)

Week 18 – A little bit of grace

Week 19 – Potty training my toddler while being pregnant

Week 20 – Level 2 Ultrasound – CREEPY!

Week 21 – Failing the first Gestational Diabetes screen

Week 22 – Pregnancy Brain

Week 23 – Redefining cool the mini-van way

Week 24 – Perception is 100% of reality

Week 26 – Putting in my notice at work

Week 27 – The Pregnant Monster

Week 28 – The age of viability. We’re going to make it!

Week 29 – The devil of expectations

Week 30 – Labor WHA? (False alarm)

Week 31 – Decorating the nursery and why a cardboard box might be nice

Week 32 – Tipping the scales

Week 36 – Difficult choices – Disparity of size in Twin A vs Twin B

Week 37 – Holding out (Don’t you dare induce me yet)

Week 38 – Where are the Babies? Doctor’s recommendations.

Week 38 and 6 days – The waiting game

Week 39 and 1 day – Delivery, a love story!

Week 39 and 1 day – A journey in pictures




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