37 weeks and holding out

imagesCA8JCZIYOminous ending to the last post, I know. Sorry.

Enter: Monday, July 1st. Jason and I decided that before we jumped in to inducing, we should have a confirmation growth scan. My medical team was kind enough to accommodate this, so that afternoon, I scheduled another marathon hospital visit. 1 biophysical profile, 1 Dr. consultation, 1 more growth scan.

The results were staggering:

Baby A- 6.7 lbs and ounces, 39th percentile

Baby B- 6.4 lbs and ounces, 34th percentile

This was a full POUND and handful of ounces different from Friday’s scan.

(And no, I did not spend all weekend eating Dairy Queen heath blizzards. 🙂

Best we can assume is that Friday’s ultrasound tech was simply off in her measurements. Both Jason and I had a feeling this was the case, and the more we talked about it, the more we wondered how it played into the results. During our appointment, she told us she had been called in to work the day shift instead of the night shift she was used to working. It had been busy all day, and she mentioned she hadn’t eaten, or had any coffee. We were her last appointment, and she was not expecting to do a growth scan, which left her very flustered. And as we pulled out of the parking lot, we saw her behind us sucking down a cigarette like it was last one on earth.

This meant that there wasn’t near the growth gap between the two babies, that no one was in immediate danger (below the 10th percentile), and that my placenta actually looked great.

Induction: officially cancelled. Instead of having babies today, I’m putting in my last day of work. And in reference to my previous post, the view above tree line is great. I feel ready. The babies are ready.

So now we just need to convince my body to be ready. Any and all methods of naturally bringing on labor are welcome at this point – any ideas? Comment away!


3 thoughts on “37 weeks and holding out

  1. So glad to hear this relieving news. Our baby Milo was expected to be right around 7lbs – we were all shocked when he slipped out at 10! Our nurse nearly dropped him. Sending you good labor vibes.


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