Waiting – it’s now for everyone!

Amazing what a steady diet of milk does in one month's time.

Amazing what a steady diet of milk does in one month’s time.  Lucy on the left, Gabby on the right.

Today, the twins are one month old.

It’s a little hard to believe, really. First of all, it’s somehow now late August. School will be starting soon, and I’m pretty sad that this is the first fall in the past four years that I won’t be pulling onto the Hamline University campus in a breathless mess and already three minutes late for class.

As I’m forever telling my girls these days, “You’re just going to have to wait.”

It’s kind of funny though, that after all those long pregnant months of waiting, I’m still finding it necessary to remind myself and my little family members that waiting is now a part of our lives. The need to exercise patience didn’t just disappear the moment the girls were born. If anything, it became more necessary.

But somehow, I still haven’t learned my lesson. I stand in front of the mirror and glare at my stomach, which has taken on the characteristics of a half deflated football. Oh, right. A half deflated football with a herniated belly button.

I am chasing after Ellis, reminding her to wait to go potty until I’m in the bathroom with her, lest we have another “I do it mama” feet in the toilet bowl incident.

I push out the phrase “can you wait a moment” with great regularity when I’m on the telephone in order to shift the phone to the shoulder my newborn is not wailing on.

I am living my life by the clock, and every three hour segment is like a small battle that’s been fought (and not always won.) A schedule for twins is a necessity, but sticking to the schedule means that someone, something, or somewhere is always going to have to wait. Me included.

All this waiting isn’t necessarily a bad thing. They say that twins develop a very healthy sense of patience early on because of the continual waiting for one or the other. And Ellis, for the first time in her only child kingdom, is learning what it means to have younger, needier siblings. As for me, well, I’m learning that a little crying doesn’t hurt anyone. In fact, the Mayo Clinic says:

Crying it out

If you’ve tried everything and your baby is still upset, consider letting your baby cry it out. Crying won’t hurt your baby — and sometimes the only way to stop a crying spell is to let it run its course.

Of course, listening to your baby wail can be agonizing. If you need to distract yourself for a few minutes, you might take a shower, call a friend or make something to eat. 

For the record, there is one thing I don’t have to wait for anymore. Growth. These girls are growing at a pace that rivals the clover trying to overtake my entire front yard. Here are their pictures at one month, and a cute one of big sister now that she’s two.

Getting them all together in one picture may, however, have to wait another month or two. Compliance for a two year old and two newborns with little neck support will require a little more training.


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