Book Review: Truest, by Jackie Lea Sommers

OK friends. Listen up.

For those of you who have book lists, I recently finished reading a new title that deserves a spot. Preferably at the top.

It’s called Truest by Jackie Lea Sommers, and it comes out September 1st. (Although I maaaaayyy have gotten to read an ARC before then. While eating a bowl of cherries. Don’t hate.)


Now, I know books are subjective, so here’s what I’m going to do. I’m going to make a list of reasons why you might possibly appreciate this book as much as I did. Ready?


  • Swoon over stories that do justice to the glorious complications of young love
  • Have ever sorted through questions of truth as it intersects with faith
  • Appreciate characters that cease to be characters after a few pages and start to feel like friends
  • Have any sort of a soft spot for poetry at work in real life
  • Use a thesaurus on daily basis
  • Are sick of vampires

THEN PLEASE. Read. This. Book. And then share it with someone you know. Because books love hands, not shelves. Well, I  mean, they do okay on shelves. That’s probably a reasonable second option. I digress.

So what’s it about, you ask? Right. Check out this amazing infographic.


Now, a word about YA (young adult) lit. Truest is categorized as YA, and here’s why that’s great. This a solid, graceful-yet-realistic story about high school age kids as they approach difficult, life-changing circumstances. Sometimes the choices they make are good, and sometimes, they’re not. And then they have to deal with the consequences, just like anyone would. In short, the storyline of Truest revolves around seventeen and eighteen-year-olds, but the questions and issues they are dealing with could happen at any age, to anyone. So if you don’t consider yourself a usual YA reader, think again. This one’s worth a genre-jump.

Convinced yet? 🙂 Let me help some more.

Available for pre-order at:
Barnes & Noble
Book Depository
Books a Million


Better yet, buy locally! For those of you in the Twin Cities, check out:
Wild Rumpus
Red Balloon

You can thank me back by posting your favorite new, old, or upcoming good reads in the comments below! Happy reading!