The Story of a Pie

The story of a pie

 Once upon a time, there was a sale on strawberries.

IMG_4037 (800x533)

The Almelund Mercantile had fresh, local rhubarb in the cooler.

IMG_4038 (800x533)

And I had a memory of the best spring pie in the world – Strawberry Rhubarb

But alas. None of my cookbooks had the recipe. I couldn’t find my phone. And the internet was slow to go. So I figured it couldn’t be that hard. I’d wing it.

IMG_4041 (533x800)

Ellis was all over helping. It meant she had easy access to the pie dough.

IMG_4051 (800x533)

America’s Test Kitchen’s Basic Pie Crust served us well. We sampled it plentifully to make sure.

IMG_4059 (800x533)

The leftover dough became snail balls. Think mini pie crust cinnamon rolls. Drool a little. It’s okay.

IMG_4061 (800x533)

Here’s where it went a little off track. I remembered the pie having a crumble topping. You know. Like apple crisp. Except that my crumble topping was too wet. And then someone started crying. And I changed a few diapers. Fixed a pony tail. Got thoroughly distracted. Never added more flour.

IMG_4063 (800x533)

It looked fine uncooked. It tasted fine uncooked. (No shame. I taste test everything.) I had high hopes that Martha was going to come banging down my door for the glory that was sure to be this pie.

IMG_4064 (800x533)

I peeked in the oven half way, and then realized my mistake. Not enough flour in the crumble.


No picture perfect pie. No Martha.

But that won’t stop us from eating every last inch of this gloriously messy, mixed up pie.

Every mistake has salvage potential.

IMG_4084 (800x566)

The End.

PS – I took advantage of an extended nap time and did a redesign on the blog. What do you think? Cleaner? Easier to navigate? I hope so. I’m digging it. But I’d love to hear your thoughts. And if you have a kick butt recipe for strawberry rhubarb pie, I’d love to hear that too.